The LTS Green Task Force

The Green Task Force is an environmental coalition made up of faculty, staff, administration, students, and alumni of Lexington Theological Seminary. The team enables the institution to fulfill its mission of “preparing faithful leaders for the church and strengthening the church’s participation in God’s mission for the world” specifically by attending to the ecological justice issues that affect ministry and God’s Creation. The group focuses on both short-term and long-range goals for helping the seminary bring healing and wholeness to Creation and God’s people. These goals include working with LTS constituencies in the areas of academic curriculum, worship, building and grounds, community life, public ministry, and financial investments, in order to “green” the seminary and holistically participate in God’s restoration of our planet.

From left, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean Dr. Loida Martell, Dr. Leah Schade, and Rev. Carol Devine celebrate LTS becoming a Green Chalice Seminary in 2019 with the covenant signed by students, faculty, and staff.


For more information, contact: Dr. Leah Schade, Chair of the Green Task Force,

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