Continuing Education

Are you being called to ministry but aren’t ready for a degree program? LTS offers Certificate Programs, webinars, options for auditing courses, and more.

Certificate Programs

A certificate program is an excellent path for students called to ministry but unable to obtain a college degree. Certificate Students complete a partial admissions application and participate in courses alongside degree seeking students. Students choose whether or not they will take classes for credit.

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Audit Courses

The Auditing option allows individuals who wish to study LTS curricula without working toward a degree to do so.

To be admitted as an Auditor, students must complete the online application form and pay the application fee.

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Lay School of Theology

The Lay School of Theology is a continuing education program for all who wish to enrich their Christian faith.

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Creating Vital Congregations Webinars

Lexington Theological Seminary offers the Creating Vital Congregations webinar series to help equip pastors, church leaders and members alike with tools to address a wide variety of issues facing congregations today.

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Resources for Preaching the Lectionary

This table includes links to short background papers on key passages in the lectionary for the Sundays following Pentecost. These are intended to offer working preachers additional resources for understanding Biblical passages on which they are likely to want to preach on a given Sunday.

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