Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry is a 24 hour program designed for degree and non-degree seeking students. It can be taken for credit or it can be taken without credit.

This Certificate Program prepares students for Biblically-grounded church ministry and leadership. Students graduate fully prepared to serve their church communities with confidence, grace, and competence.

Program Curriculum

Interpreting the Scripture for the Church (IS)5.0
Interpreting the Past for the Church (IP)1.5
Interpreting the Faith for the Church (IF)3.0
Interpreting the Behavior of the Church (IB)1.5
Leading the Church Through Care (LC)1.5
Leading the Church Through Worship (LW)2.5
Leading the Church in Formation (LW)1.5
Leading the Church into Mission: Administration (LM)2.5
Leading the Church into Mission (LM)2.5
Free Electives2.5
Total Hours:24