Master in Pastoral Studies in Creation Care and EcoTheology

The Masters in Pastoral Studies program acknowledges the importance of principles of Creation care for the Church and the world. The United Nations has reported that if we as a people do not begin to change how we live on and care for our planet, we will face catastrophic and irreversible damage that will cause wholesale loss of created life by 2050. Increasingly, the Church has focused in an ecumenical spirit on the care for our created earth and sought to articulate the biblical, theological, and ethical bases for such care. This MPS in Creation Care and Ecotheology is a 40-credit online program that seeks to prepare students with the necessary biblical and theological tools to articulate a cogent plan of Creation care for their congregations and communities. Students will have the opportunity to engage in critical dialogue with peers and teachers about important topics, documents, and practical strategies relevant to implementation of Creation care ministries. Upon completion of this degree, students will be able to assist clergy or congregational leadership in developing a cogent plan for Creation care—whether in their denominations or in ecumenical arenas, assist in para-church or community organizations that work towards Creation justice, and develop spiritual and lived practices of faith that support the continued well-being of the planet and its created inhabitants.

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