Prior Learning Assessment

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LTS is Broadening Equitable Access to Higher Education through Prior Learning Assessment

What is Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)?

Learning is fundamental to our wellbeing as humans. Adults learn through a variety of experiences, practices, and knowledge – both formal and informal – giving us competencies in different areas.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process of giving academic credit based on the learnings adults have acquired through their lives. It is a process that evaluates learning that has occurred outside of traditional classroom settings that have not resulted in a specific degree, certificate, or licensure and is conducted using a diversity of measures.

How can PLA help me?

At LTS, we strive for PLA to be a growing and affirming process. Students develop a portfolio, submitting diverse documentation of their learnings (through training, webinars, workshops, volunteer activities, awards, work experiences, conferences, and life experience) alongside a written narrative. “During this process, students realize how much they know about a specific topic, affirming their own abilities and knowledge while imagining new ways to continue learning and growing. Importantly, and as a matter of equity, PLA can be used by any student seeking entrance into LTS programs.

Three paths for entry into the MTS program:

  • Students that have completed the Certificate in African American Ministries (CAAM) or Certificate in Hispanic Ministries (CHM) AND have a baccalaureate degree or higher will be admitted to LTS programs with advanced standing (up to 10 credits at 500-level).
  • For students that do not have a baccalaureate degree or have one from an unaccredited school, CAAM/CHM will stand in as a baccalaureate equivalent and you will be admitted to LTS programs. Students wanting advanced standing will need to enroll in the PLA course (SIS 510) and prepare a portfolio.
  • Students that have not enrolled in CAAM/CHM but have at least 5 years of ministerial experience may to do the following
    • Enroll in the 2-credit SIS 510 PLA course and prepare a portfolio that assesses learning in the 8 areas corresponding to the LTS curriculum. The portfolio includes essays and other artifacts that show learnings from ministry experience. Students that pass at least 6 areas with a minimum grade of 73 will be admitted to LTS programs.

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