Alumni Association & Alumni Council

Graduates of Lexington Theological Seminary have a reputation for being particularly loyal. Such loyalty can be seen in both nurturing persons for ministry and regular financial support.  The Seminary is proud of its vital and active Alumni Association and the wonderful contributions they make to the seminary’s mission. The Seminary enjoys strong financial support from its alumni/ae and is a leader among seminaries in the proportion of alumni/ae who contribute financially to their alma maters.

The purpose of the Alumni Association of Lexington Theological Seminary is to:

  • Promote the goodwill of the Seminary.
  • Encourage, promote and support basic professional preparation for ministry.
  • Provide spiritual and social fellowship opportunities with alumni/ae, friends current students, faculty and staff.
  • Assist graduates and former students in maintaining contact with each other.
  • Publicize and encourage participation in the Seminary’s curriculum and programs.
  • Apprise the Seminary of emerging trends and concerns in the church so that the education offered by the Seminary will continue to be in step with and responsive to the needs of congregations.
  • Encourage alumni/ae support for the Seminary through prayer, recruitment efforts and financial gifts.

The Bulletin is a Seminary publication issued four times each year.  It is distributed to alumni/ae, churches and friends to communicate the current activities and purposes of the Seminary.

The Alumni Council is the leadership body of the Seminary’s alumni organization. Council members serve for a four year term.

Current Alumni Council members

2015-19 Term
Kyle McDougall
President 17-19
M.Div. 2013

Shauna McGhee
M.Div. 2003

Thomas H. Peoples, Jr.
M.Div. 1973

Bob Silvanik
M.Div 2008

Darrell Vandervort
M.Div 1983

Ron Buck
D.Min. 2007

Zach Fuqua
M.Div. 2002

2017-21 Term
Trudy Betts
M.Div. 2014

Mark Garrett
M.Div. 2016

Stephanie Moon

Ike Nicholson
M.Div. 1995

Tracy Parker
M.Div. 2010

Joe Pusateri
M.Div. 2015

Rob Shrader
M.Div. 2002

Katie Sexton
M.Div. 2015