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Thriving on Impact

A welcome from President Charisse Gillett…

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Conversation on Stewardship & Finances

The Conversation on Stewardship & Finances Project at LTS has engaged with partners, students, and congregations to…

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Thriving in Ministry

The Thriving in Ministry Project at Lexington Theological Seminary (LTS) seeks to help pastoral leaders thrive in congregational leadership and to enhance…

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Thriving Congregations

The overarching purpose of the Thriving Congregations Initiative is to strengthen and learn from congregations and further solidify the…

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Pathways for Tomorrow Grant, 2022 – Present

The overarching purpose of the Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative at Lexington Theological Seminary is to enrich our support of African American, Latinx, and Catholic students by creating meaningful education and financially sustainable opportunities for them to earn a graduate-level theological degree, including a Master’s degree, through Competency-Based Theological Education.

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Lilly Projects Brochure

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