Background Check

For M.Div., MTS, and Mentors:

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter the password on the Welcome Page: Lexington
  3. Enter Personal Information
    a. All fields marked with an “*” are required.
  4. Click Next and review all information to ensure its accuracy before proceeding.
    a. If you Quit without clicking Save, the system will not save your information. Your background check will not be run. You will need to start over from the beginning when you return.
    b. If you click Save before you Quit, you will be provided with a reference code to enter when you return to the site to pick up where you left off.
    i. When returning to the site, click on this link on the Welcome Page: “If you are returning to finish a previous search, then click here.”
    ii. Enter your last name and your reference number to resume your previous search.
  5. Click Complete.