Vol. XLIII, Spring, Summer, Fall 2008, No. 1-4

This volume of the Quarterly is dedicated to completing the republication of Marian Duncan Adam’s book, A Flame of Fire. This important look at a Disciples mission experience was self-published by Ms. Adams in 1999, but never received the attention and circulation it deserves. Its publication here in the LTQ intends to make this work available to a wider range of readers and researchers. The first half of the book appears in the previous volume of the Quarterly. We thank Ms. Adams and her granddaughter Ms. Karen Cantley for permission to have the book appear in the LTQ. We also thank Dr. Dianne Bazell for her work in securing this permission.

Table of Contents

Interim Trip – Help or Hindrance?
p. 1

p. 15

1926 – Dr. Osgood
p. 24

Lois Nichols and Norton H. Bare, M.D.
p. 28

1927 – Turmoil
p. 44

p. 54

1928 – Calm Before the Final Storm
p. 68

1929 – Conflict
p. 84

Triumph and Tragedy
p. 97

The Petersons Return
p. 108

1930 – The New Church
p. 114

1931 – Picking Up the Pieces
p. 128

1932 – The End of the Batang Tibetan Christian Mission
p. 138

The Batang Christian Church On Its Own
p. 152

p.  166

p.  185