The Bible, The Church, and Social Issues

In this Lay School, we will examine how the Bible can speak to social issues today.  We will talk about how to use what we find in the Bible to bring it to bear legitimately and consistently on questions and issues we face. We will then turn to the kinds of issues Scripture addresses, such as economic polity and reproductive rights, among others, and examine them. We will also talk about how to discuss these issues in our churches.

Dr. Jerry Sumney is Professor of Biblical Studies at Lexington Theological Seminary. He has been on the faculty for 25 years.  He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and was past president of the Southeastern Region of the society.  His books include The Politics of Faith: The Bible, Government, and Public Policy (2020); The Bible: An Introduction (2010; 2nd edition, 2014); Paul Apostle and Fellow Traveler (2014); and Apocalypse When? A Guide to Interpreting and Preaching Apocalyptic Texts (2020, with seminary college Rev. Dr. Leah Schade). He is also contributed entries to The Newe Interpreter’s Dictionary  of the Bible and The Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Developments.  Dr. Sumney has led numerous Bible Study workshops and series.



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