Virtual Faith

Monday, May 4, 2020

The implications of COVID-19 pandemic go well beyond our faith and our ministries. The pandemic has shut the doors of our places of worship, reduced our financial support, and hampered our ability to serve our congregations and communities. Disciples’ leadership is providing excellent support, but leadership and ingenuity in our churches are required to guide us successfully into the future.

With the wisdom and creativity that comes from God, we can turn this crisis into a blessing. Even as we are beginning to see the end of strict isolation, we know that it will be a year or more before this pandemic is over, and that we are forever changed as individuals and as a body. But out of struggle, emerges strength and opportunity. We can now minister to people previously unreachable. State and country boundaries are invisible to virtual experiences. Mobility issues are not a concern and physical vulnerabilities are not compromised when we can worship in our homes. Just as our scriptures are full of stories of God’s people overcoming adversity and suffering with strength and creativity, we too will be stronger and more resilient because of this pandemic.

It is important to remember that this information is not, for the most part, instinctive, but learned. Start wherever you feel comfortable and expand your knowledge a little at a time. This can feel very overwhelming, especially on top of the pandemic. Be prepared to provide support to your church members, who may be resistant and stressed about connecting virtually. We all need a little extra compassion in these days. It is my hope that this guide will lessen the stress and provide ideas to improve and simplify virtual faith for your church community.

Virtual Faith PDF