Drew Tucker, a student in our DMin cohort, has published 4D Formation: Exploring Vocation in Community. It was released this summer by Fortress Press.

A preview of the book says: “With a decade of experience in vocational exploration as a campus minister, Drew Tucker has developed an accessible, empowering model for reflection that centers on discovery, discernment, development, and decision making.” Drew defines vocation as “meaningful, life-giving work for the world.” His book equips and empowers readers with the confidence and skills to examine, clarify, and affirm their purpose and identity, and ultimately to experience God’s presence in and purpose for their lives. It also gives readers the courage to risk deep exploration and an encounter with God in that journey.

Drew outlines four key aspects of vocation:

• First, vocation is ultimately where our purposes align with God’s purpose in ways that are life-giving for us and others.

• Second, as we explore our vocation, we incorporate the wisdom of mentors, the teachings of Scripture, and the experiences of others.

• Third, in our vocations, our convictions meet our neighbor in need, often calling forth difficult yet deeply meaningful commitments.

• Finally, much like walking a prayer labyrinth, vocational exploration involves clear practices, yet leaves room for the numinous.