One of the consequences of modernity and the increasing reliance on technology is a sense of fragmentation of our lives. We rush to and fro, with barely a moment to breathe before we dash off to the next thing. We have multiple roles within our personal and professional lives. Even when one has a moment to sit, there is a constant buzzing of phones, wearables, tablets, and other gadgets that demand our attention in all places at all times. Ironically, it is because we pay attention to those who demand our attention through technology that we barely can give attention to those who are in our immediate surroundings. The post-pandemic world has only exacerbated the societal and spiritual fissures that already existed, exploding with a vengeance in political, economic, social, and spiritual divides. We are not whole.

The Certificate in Continuing Education in Holistic Ministry examines wholeness from two perspectives: theological financial. Who does God call us to be as a whole people? How do we communicate wholeness as an embodied reality to our congregations? How does wholeness help us avoid the pitfalls and crises that beset so many clergy persons? Financially, how do we look at wealth, finances – whether personal or congregational – and estate planning in a holistic and scripturally sound way that contributes to our well-being as Christians, rather than adding to our continued stress and fear? The purpose of the Certificate in Continuing Education in Holistic Ministry is to present clergy and church leaders with helpful scriptural and theological tools, while also providing a safe space where they can mindfully engage in dialogue with others as they wrestle with these questions. The courses include:

THEOLOGY OF WHOLENESS (Sept. 30-Oct. 26, 2024) Rev. Dr. Wilson Dickinson is Director of the Doctor of Ministry and Lay and Continuing Education programs andAdjunct Professor of Theology at LTS. A theologian, organizer, and minister, his work takes place at the intersection of environmental justice and discipleship. He is director of The Green Good News, an organization rooted in food justice ministries that educates, cultivates, and organizes Christian communities to follow the ways of justice, joy, and simplicity

A HOLISTIC VIEW OF WEALTH IN THE NEW TESTAMENT (Oct. 28-Nov. 23, 2024) Dr. Jerry Sumney is Professor of Biblical Studies at LTS. He joined the faculty in 1997. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and has written several books, including The Bible: An Introduction. He has also contributed entries to The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible as well as the CEB Study Bible. He frequently leads Bible study workshops and series, including in the Lay School of Theology at LTS.

HOLISTIC ESTATE PLANNING (Dec. 1-14, 2024) Rev. Bruce Barkhauer is Adjunct Professor of the Practice of Ministry at LTS. He was called as the first Minister for Faith and Giving for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 2010, after 25 years of parish ministry. He has engaged the whole church in conversations about generosity and offered transformative ways for congregations to think about stewardship.

CLERGY WELLNESS (Feb. 17-March 1, 2025) Rev. Dr. Yvonne Martinez Thorne is founder and CEO of Cultivating Wholeness Counseling Associates, where “Caring for the Whole Person Matters.” Her faith-based practice provides specialized services for ordained clergy and lay leaders. Dr. Martinez Thorne is Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Care at LTS. 

HOLISTIC FINANCES AND STEWARDSHIP (March 1-May 3, 2025) Dr. Courtney Wiley-Harrisis Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. She operates Creative Workship LLC, a consultancy service specializing in faith-based institutions. She has created and taught courses such as Stewardship and Development and The Spirituality of Administration. She is Adjunct Professor of the Practice of Ministry at LTS.

HOLISTIC PREACHING: METHODS OF EMBODIMENT (May 5-June 1, 2025) Dr. Jaclyn Williamsis an Assistant Professor of the Practice of Preaching and Chaplaincy at Fuller Theological Seminary and Adjunct Professor of Preaching at LTS. A board-certified hospital chaplain, actor, and playwright, Dr. Williams feels called to serve the simple yet complex story of God and humanity engaging in relationship.


The cost of the Certificate in Continuing Education is $1,100 for tuition and fees. You can make 12 monthly payments of $92.60 each. If you choose to prepay in a lump sum, you will pay a discounted amount of $1,000. This includes tuition and course fees. There is a one-time application fee of $65.

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