Lexington Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that three of its faculty have co-authored a preaching textbook recently released by Rowman & Littlefield Publishing. Introduction to Preaching: Scripture, Theology, and Sermon Preparation was co-written by Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade, Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship; Dr. Jerry Sumney, Professor of Biblical Studies; and Dr. Emily Askew, Associate Professor of Theology (Emerita).

The book is the result of a four-year project in which the three professors drew on their collaborative teaching at LTS to help students learn to interpret the Bible, identify and craft theological claims, and create sermons that are effective, engaging, and inspiring. Using a workbook-style format, Introduction to Preaching equips both new and experienced preachers alike with tools for writing and preaching sermons from start to finish.

Readers will learn how to use a three-part schema – the Central Question, Central Claim, and Central Purpose – to provide the drive, direction, and destination for the sermon. The book also offers guidance for using appropriate sermon forms, imagery, metaphors, and creativity, along with advice on how to deliver contextually relevant sermons using our bodies, presence, and voice.

“It has been such an honor to teach alongside Dr. Sumney and Dr. Askew,” said Schade. “The process we are laying out in this book has been tested with our students over many years. Between the three of us, we have fifty years’ worth of teaching experience, and we are grateful for the feedback our students have given us as we have tried new ideas, tweaked different approaches, and experimented with various learning exercises.”

Introduction to Preaching also contains fourteen appendices to aid preachers in sermon preparation, including how to use biblical resources for exegesis, a worksheet for choosing texts and planning to preach, creativity exercises, exercises for the preacher’s voice and body, and tips and advice for guest preachers and supply preachers.

“I enjoy collaborating with these colleagues as we teach, and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to share what we have learned through working together to help students integrate their learning across disciplines,” said Sumney. “We think this book will help preachers bring together their theology and the message of biblical texts into more faithful and powerful sermons.”

“In this book, we encourage preachers to think holistically and contextually about their sermons,” added Askew. “Preachers must say something about who God is, what God does, and what this means for our lives and communities today. Whether lay or ordained, early career or seasoned, our hope is that this book will be useful for all preachers.”

Introduction to Preaching also features a glossary, scriptural and topical indexes, and an extensive bibliography. There are also thirteen sermons that illustrate the book’s concepts book and give readers opportunities to practice analyzing sermons to strengthen their own preaching.

Rowman & Littlefield is offering a limited-time offer of 30% off eBook and print formats of Introduction to Preaching by using the code RLFANDF30. Order at www.rowman.com or call 1-800-462-6420.

Contact Leah Schade for more information at lschade@lextheo.edu.